• 1991


  • 2000


PT. Satria Gemareksa (SGR) is a private local company that was established in 1991 and has been committed and concentrated in Trading, Construction, Oil & Gas.



PT. SGR together with ITOCHU and PERTAMINA was involved on the preperation of LPG Aggregation of Jabung field with PMA Scheme.


PT. SGR Through it's subsidiary Company, PT. Tunas Satria Mandiri (TSM), built LPG Mini Filling Plant in Yogyakarta, Central Java.


PT. SGR together with TOMEN and NIPPON STEEL has successfully arranged the finance of South Sumatra - West Java Gas Pipeline (SSJW).


PT. Andalas Nusamas, Supply Surfactant, PT. Asia Pacific Petroleum Refinery Indonesia, Gas Station (SPBU) and Batu Bara at Muara Enim.


PT. SGR through it's subsidiary company, PT. Satria Energindo has an exploration of Oil dan Gas in Bulu Offshore, East Java.

Past Performance

Cilacap The Bottlenecking Project and Balikpapan Refinery I UP-Grading Project

Property Industry

Sunan Hotel Solo and Resort at Pecatu Bali


As a big company, Satria is the expert of this sector. No wonder that Satria becomes a leading company. Enhance competence and develop a responsive organization and agile are what Satria does in developing the company. This company also give advantages velue to bussines partners, employees and communities by considering the company's growth.

The oirentation of this company is quality management. At the other hand, Satria is also considering efficiency and cost effectiveness in the acquisition of profit. It aims to make Satria as a competent and competitive international business.

In doing work, Satria always puts the quality, timeliness, effectiveness and efficiency ini every activity and employment. Working with integrity, ethics and responsibility to promote forms of cooperation that what are called work professionalism. The goals can be achieved by the support of professional human resources as Satria has.


The Sunan Hotel